2 1 s t  C e n t u r y


the Edison tin foil recorder Entering the new millennium, Tom Dowd’s mind was sharp as ever, but his body began to slow. He did keep a busy schedule, though, continuing to record veterans and up-and-comers alike.

His 30+ year collaboration with The Allman Brothers Band continued, serving as a producer, confidant and friend of the group. He produced A New Day Yesterday, the debut album for gifted guitarist/singer/songwriter Joe Bonamassa. Tom also produced an album for Susan Tedeschi, the 2000 “Best New Artist” Grammy nominee, as well as recording with 2, featuring singer Joe Condiracci. Tom’s work on an album for Gladys Knight was nominated for a Grammy, and he continued nurturing and developing the musical careers of unsigned artists.

Tom was the recipient of a 2002 Grammy for his seemingly endless contributions to the modern recording industry. Friends and family gathered in Los Angeles to see him receive the award in his usual selfless, humble manner.

After a lengthy battle with emphysema, Tom Dowd passed away on October 27, 2002. To know the man was to love the man, and none of us who knew him will ever stop loving Tom Dowd.

The cinematic story of Tom Dowd’s life, entitled Tom Dowd & the Language of Music was completed in January 2003 and premiered at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival. It is slated to play at film festivals around the globe. The whole world will now get the chance to know the man, and love him as we did.